MyBagSpa Vietnam

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Our mission

We do what's best for your belongings.


MyBagSpa is not just an average professional cleaner for your belongings. We know that doing our best is always not enough. In order to reach the ultimate balance of all three senses, we make sure that nothing is overlooked. From cleaning away stains to color restoration of Leather articles, we make sure that all items that are serviced by us look, feels and smells as good as new! Just let our actions do the talking! We are actively involved in improving our clients experience on our services and offering superb products all the time, making sure that new technologies, solutions, techniques and everything else are better able to help us restore your belongings to near new conditions.


Just ask us about anything, and we will offer you our best and honest opinions based on our experiences. All employees of MyBagSpa will feel a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment when we can put a smile on client's face with services. MyBagSpa strives to build a reputation where "people love" instead of creating a reputation that "no one hates", winning hearts one at a time!