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Just like our own skin, all kinds of material will get affected by the very harsh weather we live in. And an occasional accident once in a while!

Note: Symptoms are defined according to general types of material being exposed to weathering and accidents, therefore, illustrations' representing the symptoms do not exclusively reflect or specify certain brands.

Color Fading

- Color tones becomes different compared to other parts of the material. Affects all materials (especially canvas and leather) due to UV rays/ sunlight. Hot weather & oxidation might just speed up the process.

Color Transfer

- Color from things such as furniture, garments etc can cause colour migration (we call it 'color run' symptom) to your beloved items

Denim/Jeans dye transfer

- Denim or jeans, (regardless of any kind/brands) especially dark colored ones, can easily transfer the dyes to your belongings. Denim dye loves to migrate dye to other materials; another color run symptom. Nothing is spared from the onslaught except metals.

Dry & Stiffen out leather

- Dry humidity and hot weather causes leather to stiffen up and cracks at rare occasions. Natural moisture inside the leather is drained out indefinitely by the harsh weather condition.


- Spots of black, green, white, or red in color and may look, powdery, that discolor all materials. Freckles are causes of corrosion on metal parts, mold/ red rot forming on canvas, suede, leather and other materials as well. No materials is spared for this, and it's irreversible (another stage 4 skin cancer). Multiple reasons for this occurrence, water/rain, high humidity and lack of free flow air, are the roots to this problem.


Folds, creases, and winkles

- When items such as bags are not placed or stored properly, it can lead to permanent creases and folds to materials such as leather. Impressions are created when straps buckle are not undone during storage.

Handles and straps

- Turning to darker tone color, due to excessive soiling on contact with hands or skin. Hand lotion that contain oil have great effect on handles as well. One of the reasons why human glows & have a radiant shine is because of our dead skin cells. Dead skin cells as well as dirt and oil are passed on to the handles and straps causing it to become darker. Definitely not graceful compared to natural patina process.

Ink Marks

- Ink is a dye and it goes on to any materials. Indeed it will be almost impossible to remove it without spoiling the material. Any products that will dissolve the ink will also dissolve the color from your leather.

Make Up

- Cosmetic products like foundation, mascara, eye shadow, lipstick perfume etc. does complements you, but it does not look good on your belongings. Make up stains can remain permanent because at the end of the day, they are dyes as well.

Musty Odors

- Smells like your wardrobe? Chances are, after a long stay in your wardrobe, musty odor is going to stay permanently on your beloved items and articles, and for a long time to come. Mold and mildew is the producer of musty odor in wardrobe, boxes and various places. Your items will adapt to the mold and smell like them!



- Generally considered being an unpleasant smell. It can happen anywhere, shoes, bags & wallets are common items containing odors. Perspiration and warmth provide ideal conditions for bacteria and fungi to thrive. As bacteria consume our dead skin cells and moisture, they in turn produce waste material. This waste material is the cause of odor.

Oil Stain Marks

- Comes from food, skin & lotion etc. and it affects all kinds of materials (creates halo like spot). Oil Stains eventually affects the color of all materials, making it impossible to remove on suede, nubuck and leather materials. It is better to apply preventive solutions to your beloved belongings before it happens without you knowing.


- Is a natural process which is when oxygen reacts with all materials. Like a freshly cut apple, once exposed to air or water, causes all materials to turn yellowish/brown. For metals, it will rust or turn green.

Patina Leather

- Vegetable tanned, untreated or vachetta leather changing to a darker tone color naturally or unnaturally. Usually sunlight/ UV rays or oxidation contributes to this process. When aged naturally by sunlight and oxidation, color tone is evenly distributed gracefully. But when aged unnaturally, meaning oil stains, sweat and dirt (usually from hands) causes it to become darker compared to other areas of the leather. Patina is a great way to give the bag a distinct and unique look, but a dirty patina just attracts all the wrong attention!


From left : New, naturally conditioned patina and mixed patina (Notice the handle is soiled, as it appears darker compare to the rest of the leather.

Red/pink spots

- similar as Freckles, this symptom is known as red rot which is due to water/rain, high humidity and lack of free flow air.


- Material becomes very sticky on the surface. Materials might turn yellowish color as well. Possibly due to oxidation, high temperature, high humidity and overly exposed to sunlight, causing sticky substances to surface out from the material itself. Patent/PVC leather and canvas are the most affected ones. Often, low quality replica bags are greatly facing this problem as well. This process is definitely irreversible (Stage 4 skin cancer).


- The single largest problem facing any thing. Dirt, dust, germs, your dead skin cells, dust mites, you name it, it is everywhere; & we guarantee it is on any of your belongings! Your bags won't kill you, but it does have the potential to make you very sick if you keep it on places where you eat. They stay in the pores of the leather, camp deep inside the canvas and travels frequently to practically anywhere with you! Researches say that you should think of your bag the same way you would a pair of shoes. "If you think about putting a pair of shoes on your lap, that's the same thing you're doing when you put your bag on your countertops"- your bag has gone where individuals before you have sneezed, coughed, spat, urinated, emptied bowels, etc!

Tarnished Metal

- Metal pieces changing color and possibly starts to rust. Caused by scuffs, humid or foreign substance such as rain & liquid creating oxidation. Usually protected by a plastic coating, but once it has wear-off, it will cause oxidation.

Water/Liquid Stain Marks

- Halo like spots which changes the tone of the color. Can affect practically all materials. Liquid stains on untreated leather is irreversible (stage 4 skin cancer). Rain, drinks, red wine, alcohol, perfume are the common enemies to this problem.

Wear & Tear

- Deep scuffs happens when materials are rub against anything and causes friction. They are part and parcel of owning a bag, which can look graceful and unique (depends on how you look at it ). Overstuffing a bag causes over-weight; therefore, it can weaken stitching or damage straps.



- Material appears yellowish after some time. Happens to all materials even if your item just sits around. Oxidation is one of the typical reason why it turns yellowish. Oil stains, dead skin cells, sweat also contributes to the process. Applying lotions or incompatible products can change the color of materials as well. Alcohol based e.g. perfume and hairspray products are definitely a no on all materials. Exposing bags to UV rays/ sunlight and high heat causes this symptom as well (especially canvas & leather). Stickiness might occur to Canvas and Patent/PVC leather (Not exclusively). This symptom is most often irreversible (Stage 4 skin cancer).

Yellow Stain Marks

- Often appears to be yellowish near trimming and corners. Might be due to rust from zip and tarnished metal piece, or sticky substance surfacing out from the material itself (Stage 4 skin cancer).


Two cents worth: Most designer bag care is common sense. We have all had items at one point in our lives that meant something special. Designer label merchandise, thanks to their often high cost, are no different- simply take extra care and practice foresight for best results. Pop over to Preventions and by following these rules will help ensure that the expenses undertaken to maintain the look, feel and smell of your belongings will be kept to a minimum. In return, you'll be able to enjoy using your beloved bags and items in a long and healthy lifetime.