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How we work


When all else fails, we are your last line of defense to save your beloved items! We strive to use natural products & solutions that is not just environmentally friendly, its definitely user and item friendly as well!


Why and how do we wash or clean?


Like humans, your beloved items deserve a welcoming good wash as often as possible for hygienic purposes. Getting your items that look, feel and smell clean is definitely alluring. As we always found ourselves carrying our beloved belongings, germs, mold & bacteria will affect our health in the long run; therefore having your beloved items cleaned keeps you healthy in the long run.

MyBagSpa will examine the item's materials and choose the appropriate solutions and techniques to clean the bag. Unlike any ordinary cleaning, we do not use washing machines to do our work for us. In fact everything is done by hand and tools along with the appropriate solutions.

  1. MBS employees creates a deep cleansing action that not only cleans the surface; it also cleans deep inside the materials as well. During this process, stains will be removed or minimized.
  2. After cleaning, a vacuum cleaner is used to suck up the remaining soil that cannot be reached by hands or tools.
  3. After vacuuming, the item receives a disinfecting process and left to be dried (In a dryer)
  4. After drying, item will be inspected, steps will be repeated from 1-3 for heavily soiled items. (We will stop steps 1-3 when no results are shown for repeating cleaning process.)
  5. Once the item is ready, MBS employees will put a finishing touch to the item before getting wrapped and sent back for collection.


What and how do we do color restoration?


Color restoration means to restore the color of the original leather item by applying leather paint/dye to the leather. Occasionally, we would cater to clients who wish to change the color of the leather. Upon request, color restoration can sometimes be applied on suede, nubuck and canvas, but sense of touch will be altered.

MybagSpa will examine the item's leather and determine which techniques, solutions and tools needed to restore the color. Most color restoration requires our best airbrush tools we can get from the market; therefore achieving the best "cosmetic" results possible. Although dying work doesn't take long. Preparation and finishing work are the most time consuming (plus the queue!). That explains why it takes a longer time for color restoration to be done!

  1. MyBagSpa employees will do a deep cleansing and disinfection on the leather and leave it to dry if needed.
  2. After cleaning, the item will begin receiving preparation work for the color restoration work.
  3. Once preparation work is done, conditioner is applied to the leather to prepare the leather for color restoration.
  4. After conditioning, MBS staff will mix and match an JND (just noticeable difference) color to be applied on the leather. (This can sometimes take hours to get it right!)
  5. When the ideal/original color has been matched to JND, minimum of 3 coats will be applied. More coats will be applied when necessary (We'll try to apply as little coats as possible so as not to altered the sense of touch to the item)
  6. After dying the color, another protective coat will be applied to leather. Drying time can sometimes take days to a week in order to make sure it is stable.
  7. After drying, finishing work is done to the bag to bring out the original �character' of the item.
  8. After finishing work, item is inspected on the workmanship and color consistency.
  9. Once inspecting job is done, the item is wrapped and sent back for collection.


Why and how do we disinfect


Recent tests have found out that bags contains high amount of germs and bacteria. Microbiologist Amy Karen of Nelson Labs says nearly all of the bags (same goes for any designer items) tested were not only high in bacteria, but high in harmful kinds of bacteria. In one sampling, four of five bags tested positive for Salmonella, and that's not the worst of it. "There is fecal contamination on the bags," says Amy. Leather, Patent/PVC bags tend to be cleaner than canvas bags, and lifestyle seemed to play a role.

All MBS services does include a disinfecting process, to exterminate all bacteria, germs, dust mites, fungi, mold etc.

  1. MBS employees will use solutions that are able to disinfect the item.
  2. In addition, during cleaning process, disinfecting solution is air blown onto the items.
  3. During drying process, appropriate heating temperature and airborne disinfecting solution will further exterminate all contagious germs, mold etc.
  4. Should clients request to remove odor from the item; our MBS Lab will use a sanitizer machine to remove the unpleasant odor.
  5. MBS will not apply anything that affects the item or MBS employee's health, therefore clients are assured that their items are being well treated with everybody's health in mind.


How do we Repel water or oil?


Our range of products for leathers is best suited for repelling not only water, but oil as well. For other materials, MBS can apply deep coats of water repellent solutions that perform  Come and try our products, you'll be impressed! All products speak for itself.


How do we Polish Metal Parts?

Depends on the type of metal parts, all metal parts will be polished by hand using various solutions. Polishing by hand is not easy as it takes a fair amount of time to do it. After polishing away the oxidised metal parts, again, we will need to hand buff it to make it less dull.



How do we remove ink from leather?

This is where all our expertise comes in, common beliefs will suggest that we only use some alcoholic chemical and wipe it clean. The truth is we have to create a solution and apply it on top of the ink and let the solution absorb into the leather. Next we will let the solution air dry till the ink gets extracted out by the solution. After the solution is dried, the ink will surface up onto the solution, and we'll have to wipe off the solution away from the leather together with the extracted ink.


Some ink can get extracted within one or two coat of our solution, for those unlucky bags that has got ink smudge will require half year to almost a year for us to extract the ink completely out of the leather! So always beware of where the ink of a pen might go if left unattended! keep the pen in the head!


How do we Create a Print Coat?

You might wonder what exactly does print coat means? Very often, untreated leather's (not excluding any other types of leather) look changes during the period of usage, therefore creating a unique look to the bag compare to a new leather item. To create the unique look after color restoration of leather, we had to apply special techniques to create the effect. The end result is a beautiful looking leather that is as unique as it should be after aging with grace!



How do we Repair Leather Scratch or Tear?

Customers often mistaken repairing and replacements. For serverely scratch or torn leather, it is highly recommend to replace the whole leather piece with a customised new patch of leather.


For those minor scratches or tear (and perhaps a once in awhile cigarette burned hole) on the leather, this is where our expertise comes in. We use a special repair paste to seal the wound to prevent the leather from further tearing. Deep scratches or tear requires multiple coating to seal the wound. Each coating requires 24hrs curing time, after the wound has been completely sealed, we have to do a color restoration on the affected part of the leather.


How do we determine the charges for our services?


Please consult our boutique managers for more details. Contact Us

Note: Prices varies for different countries, due to differences in operating expenses. MyBagSpa is subjected to alter the prices without prior notice.